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My Forex trading Journey was full of boring episodes.I got to know about Forex trading 2008, the lure of quick money attracted me. I was naive, lacked the wherewithal of trading and investment.

I jumped into the Shark invested water of trading, where the Bull makes money, the Bear makes money and the pig get slaughter. I was a pig for years of trading, blowing accounts with reckless abandon. I was addicted to trading.

My love and passions for trading was intoxicating. I had two mentors whom supposedly lured me into trading by their successes . I was moving from one broker to another.I lacked proper education of trading.

By 2009, i stumbled into another online mentor, he opened my eyes into the intricacies  of trading. I was engulfed with indicators as the only strategy.The sad truth is the more i learn about indicators, the more i failed in placing a successful trade.

Luckily for me, i abandoned all indicators and switched to price Action trading using Technical Analysis. I thanked Nial Fuller for his doggedness in promoting Price Action Trading. Today, am firm believer of Technical Analysis trough the help of my Mentor.

Today, am a work in progress, but definitely a lot as changed. Am now a Successful Forex Trader  of repute. TradeForexTrap was borne out of my tenacity and resilience.

I didn’t give up, so dont  give up. Pursue your dream, if i can achieve it, you can too.

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