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Chart Commentary Disclaimer: Adewale’s views on the Charts is not advice or a recommendation to trade or invest, it is educational and general information only. Don’t blindly buy and sell the markets/products discussed in this newsletter, do your own research, and be aware of the risks and rewards.


Key Zones– 1.0861,1.0636,Support and 1.1137,1.0983 Resistance

Price Action– Smal bearish Pin.

Commentary. Our yesterday commentary, we anticipated the formation of a bearish pin bar in the near term giving the dominant bearish momentum in the recent time. There is a high probability of continuation of the recent downtrend bias.

The next key support is at 1.0636 zones.


Key Zone– 69.93, 69.17 resistance, 65.50,64.89 supports

Price Action– Fakey Setup.

Commentary– The pair formed a bullish fakey setup today after the inside bar that was formed last Friday. The dominant trend is bearish. The present rally is more like a retracement in the midterm. We anticipate that the bullish fakey formed my be a bearish trap given the dominant market condition.

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