Becoming a picky Trader

Trading forex market required a lot of depths in lieu of selecting a trading signals to trade.The market is game at firing up low grade signals to trap the herds.

The smart money movement leaves clues for us to trade as price action traders but the clues are filled with traps along the way.

A good understanding of risk -reward and avoiding overtrading help in forging a good mindset for trading.

I had fair share of this mistakes over the years, haha came when i realized that you have to become a picky trader, you dont just jump onboard everything that look like a price action signal.


1- Forge a mindset of low frequecy trading.

Overtrading is one of the greatest sin of a newbie forex traders, the belief that more trades are require to make a lot of money. I started my journey with this strong belief system because of already fixated bluebrint you need to do more to earn more as in other professions.

In forex trading reverse is the case, you have to become a picky trader that trades few trades in the course of the month.Forex trading Profession is tricky at best when you have this mindset. You have to make a concerted efforts turning around this mindset.

2- Trade Clear and Obvious Trade signal Setup.

An obvious Price Action Setup gives high probability trades. A good setup must be obvious and inline with all other market parametres like Protuding setup, Market conditions, and confluence.

3- Choose quality over Quantity

Quality trade setup dont come by everyday, and that is why they are high probality setup. Market is designed to churn out quatity setup over quality, in other to trap the newbies.

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